Longevity and ageism

Recently, campaigns on ageism have been more prevalent. #EveryAgeCounts from the Benevolent Society encourages us to pledge to stand for world without ageism (have you pledged?).

As our population ages, so too awareness increases of how ageism can affect our lives, as older people and as older people in training. The Ageing Revolution recently guest blogged for Retiring Not Shy, and explored these issues, especially in light of work to treat ageing as a disease that can be cured.

In particular, for women, ageing can be seen as a transgression, a thing not to be done. A quick walk through the cosmetics aisle in a supermarket attests to this – anti-ageing products abound in a world where pro-ageing is revolutionary.

Statistics like these from the Ageing Equal campaign show though that it’s not just gender where ageism has an impact. Sexuality, health, employment – all are affected by ageism.

It is time to shift the narrative and move away from divisive generational conversations. Where does it say that one generations fortunes should be at the cost of other generations and vice versa? We will all grow older, if we are so lucky. Let’s look forward to it and make it a time of productivity, purposeful wellbeing and enjoyment.

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