Ageism is the Problem. Our Solutions are Creative!

The Ageing Revolution aims to eradicate ageism in all its forms. We create projects to challenge ageism and to solve problems that contribute to ageism across the community.

Carked It! is the hilarious card game about death, dying and beyond. The game has been in the works for at least two years as part of our work with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI).

Carked It! gets you talking about a subject that is very much taboo – death. By taking a humorous and sometimes irreverent approach, Carked It! takes on conversations about death, big and small, serious and not-so-serious. It will get you, friends and family thinking and planning – have you made a will? will you have a funeral? who’s going to inherit what? 

Pikme: The Imagery of Ageing is a photo gallery that shows the diversity of ageing. No more pastel-coloured Utopian views of retirement or the overused and stale images of wrinkled hands implying dependence. Give us the vibrant, colourful, full spectrum of ageing in all shapes and forms.

Our Youtube Channel is where we share our videos and provide a curated playlist of inspiring videos about ageing. Follow us to get your inspo on embracing ageing.

Our Vivid Ideas Festival event Ageism: the next frontier  looked at the topic of Ageism in the Creative Industries. Did you know that the advertising industry, responsible for much of the imagery of ageing we see around us, only directs 10 per cent of marketing to the older demographic, despite their share of the wealth being much higher? We’re stuck in stereotypes that no longer fit – older people aren’t creative, older people aren’t innovative, older people are stuck in their ways – this is the result of ageism. At Vivid, we challenged this notion through the an amazing panel of older and younger people and the showcasing of VR aimed at including people of all ages.

At Woodford Folk Festival, we were lucky enough to present about our roadtrip, discuss housing for an ageing population and what it’s like to go grey as a woman. We loved engaging with the audiences at the festival!

Green The Street is a collaborative event held at the Ekka each year and lead by architectural firm Roberts Day. The Ageing Revolution worked with Roberts Day and Real Serious Games to deliver a VR scenario that imagines an urban street in 2050. We asked people to think about what future cities might need in place given our ageing population. We put over 500 people through the scenario with people over 50 our most enthusiastic participants.

The Enigma Family Project is all about challenging the idea that the older we are, the less creative we become. Leon ‘Grindhowl Screech’ Bozanich is a bluesman in the tradition of music that unashamedly shows your scars and journey through life. At 65, he’s got lots of music in him yet.

AgeTech Australia is a collaborative, cofounded by The Ageing Revolution and Conpago. AgeTech Australia aims to provide the often missing design ingredient between tech solutions and their implementation – the inclusion of older people themselves! We hope to continue the development of the network with the establishment of an NGO.

Age Runner is a game aimed to educate and inform about ageing. Designed as a perpetual running game, the object is to live for as long as you can, avoiding obstacles and picking up rewards along the way.  Still in-production, this game is looking for an investor or sponsor!

Our tech arm People Tech Revolution develops VR scenarios to challenge discrimination and bias. With our innovation partner Equal Reality, we have worked with world-leading companies to improve inclusion. We’re currently co-designing scripts and scenarios- interested in being a part of our process? Talk to us!

In 2017-18, The Ageing Revolution received funding from the Queensland Government to develop a mobile app for carers. Codesigned with carers from all walks of life, if you want to know more about the app, get in touch!

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