The Ageing Revolution

We're all growing older! In fact our whole world is growing older bringing irreversible change along with it. Work with us in our mission to create a world where ageing is valued and embraced.

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The Ageing Revolution focuses on social issues related to ageing and wellbeing. We connect human narratives to technological solutions, aiming to have people, old and young, at the heart of the design process. Our approach is creative, person-centred and effective.
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We aim to combat ageism and discrimination of all kinds and make a difference to the lives of older people, their friends and their families - that's just about everyone! We seek out innovation, inclusion and deeper conversations for a better world.

In-House Innovation

We aim to challenge ageism through our projects using the power of partnerships

Creative Projects

Our work includes storytelling, music, imagery and more. We run events, activate spaces and deliver workshops to provoke the mind and heart
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Our approach spans early conceptualisation through to user engagement, codesign and solution architecture and creation of mobile apps, VR and games
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Presentations and Talks

We talk about ageism and ageing and present on a range of topics including future trends in ageing, age-friendliness and human-centred design
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Consulting Services

As well as influencing corporations and communities, The Ageing Revolution also provide consulting services that focus on combining the human narrative with technology and co-design solutions

Design and Engagement

We use design thinking techniques and innovative approaches to engage with consumers and deliver products and services that work

Digital and Tech Solutions

We develop digital solutions including mobile apps and games and virtual reality experiences
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Projects and Research

We undertake projects with a focus on human solutions, social issues and strategic planning
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We are tech thinkers with human hearts......

We love digital and technology as a tool to enhance human connection and improve people’s lives. We see opportunity to use tech for good, to deliver better outcomes for all of us

We recognise that technology is inherent in our way of living. From mobile phones to smart TVs to home computers and smart watches, as well as everyday things like paying bills online and withdrawing money from ATMs, our lives are affected by technology. Our work takes this into account when delivering solutions to improve our everyday experiences

Why Work With Us

The Ageing Revolution work is guided by a set of values and we love to PARTNER

Innovation is part of our DNA. And by innovation, we mean a commitment to continuous improvement and exploring new ways of doing
Inclusion and social justice are important to us. We walk the talk and want to work with others who feel the same way.
Solutions work best when end users (customers, stakeholders, clients - call them what you will) are closely involved in the design process.

Our Team

Meet our founders and core team, Leonie Sanderson and Simon Lowe.

Leonie Sanderson

Apart from a brief sojourn as a pop star in Taiwan, Leonie has worked in academia, not-for-profits and government . She has delivered innovative whole of government policies, implemented large scale projects and managed community engagement projects that incorporate technological and face to face solutions .

Simon Lowe

Simon is committed to changing the paradigm, view and experience of ageing in Australia, through building thriving relationships between companies, communities and older people. His core belief is that partnership building and collaboration creates business solutions that lead to growth, resilience and profitable disruption.

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