Age, ageism and COVID-19

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Ageism and age has had a spotlight placed on it because of COVID-19 and not necessarily in the way we would have hoped. Older people are more at risk of poor outcomes if they contract the COVID-19 virus. This has led to a range of responses in the media and healthcare settings, some of them

Leon’s Gift – crowdfunding for creative older people

When musician Luke Escombe stopped to pick up a hitchhiker just outside Bridgetown, WA in November 2016, he could never have dreamed that it would be the start of a life-changing friendship. The stranger who climbed into his car was wearing motorcycle leathers and sporting a wispy, tobacco-stained beard. He introduced himself as Leon. They

Longevity and ageism

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Recently, campaigns on ageism have been more prevalent. #EveryAgeCounts from the Benevolent Society encourages us to pledge to stand for world without ageism (have you pledged?). As our population ages, so too awareness increases of how ageism can affect our lives, as older people and as older people in training. The Ageing Revolution recently guest

Co-designing health services with older people

We recently undertook a codesign workshop with the Health Alliance in Brisbane North. Close to 100 health professionals, allied health workers, community workers, older people and carers came together to focus on actions to improve the lives of older people. The energy on the day was fantastics, with participants powering through 4 hours of activities

Green the Street and The Ageing Revolution

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This week has been a very green week as we took part in the wonderful Green the Street initiative. We’ve been collaborating with Real Serious Games to build the Virtual Reality Experience which explores what Gregory Terrace could look like 30 years into the future. Look out for autonomous and electric vehicles and Brisbane streets

Woodford Folk Festival, here we come!

Simon and Leonie will be talking about ageism, the road trip, housing and how people limit themselves when it comes to ageing and growing older. Get ready for some fun but indepth conversation to round off 2017. Take a squiz at the Woodford program here 

Talking about Ageism at Vivid Sydney

The Ageing Revolution is proud to be a part of the Vivid Ideas Exchange program at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on Friday 16 June 2017. We’ll be talking about ageism in the creative industries and issuing a challenge to think, well, creatively, about solutions! Tickets are cheap as chips – $24 and you’ll

Ageism is not a simple problem

Recent proposals from the Federal Government to lift the pension age to 70 years have been responded to with fear and horror. Horror that we will all be required to work til we are 70 in order to afford any kind of standard retirement. Fear that older people will be competing with younger people for jobs at a

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