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The Ageing Revolution is changing!

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It’s our 5th year of being around and over that time, we’ve done some great things (warning: we’re about to toot our own horn!): We travelled more than 16,000km talking to people about growing older. We held and participated in story workshops, end-of-life networks, ageing forums, talked about ageing and ageism at festivals in Brisbane,

Ageing Humans

Ageing Humans is a new blog started by our founder, Leonie Sanderson. Leonie talks about work, play, life and more. If you’re interested in catching her personal views on the world of ageing, check it out. There’s even a recent episode of WoW Bites featuring Leonie talk about ageing and women. If you’re interested in

Learning tech when you’re older

COVID-19 has presented some of us with an opportunity*. Time at home in isolation means we can do all the things we never seemed to get around to – mending those jeans, doing a spot of painting and planting a herb garden. For people comfortable with technology, we’re able to stay in touch with our

Wisdom of the Elders: COVID-19 advice

About two weeks ago, we spoke with health consumers about ageing and COVID-19. They had some clear advice for health authorities. How quickly things move during a pandemic. Each day we see new responses and advice being disseminated to the public. Since this discussion took place, we have gone into lockdown and are flattening the

Age, ageism and COVID-19

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Ageism and age has had a spotlight placed on it because of COVID-19 and not necessarily in the way we would have hoped. Older people are more at risk of poor outcomes if they contract the COVID-19 virus. This has led to a range of responses in the media and healthcare settings, some of them

Leon’s Gift – crowdfunding for creative older people

When musician Luke Escombe stopped to pick up a hitchhiker just outside Bridgetown, WA in November 2016, he could never have dreamed that it would be the start of a life-changing friendship. The stranger who climbed into his car was wearing motorcycle leathers and sporting a wispy, tobacco-stained beard. He introduced himself as Leon. They

Longevity and ageism

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Recently, campaigns on ageism have been more prevalent. #EveryAgeCounts from the Benevolent Society encourages us to pledge to stand for world without ageism (have you pledged?). As our population ages, so too awareness increases of how ageism can affect our lives, as older people and as older people in training. The Ageing Revolution recently guest

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