It’s our 5th year of being around and over that time, we’ve done some great things (warning: we’re about to toot our own horn!):

We travelled more than 16,000km talking to people about growing older. We held and participated in story workshops, end-of-life networks, ageing forums, talked about ageing and ageism at festivals in Brisbane, Townsville, Sydney and Darwin and contributed to shifting the paradigm of growing older and what it is through our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube channels.

We talked to older people about COVID-19 and its impact on their lives and shared their perspective on video and we worked with the community to connect older people with technology as well as showing them how to use it during our lockdown

We wrote the Age-Friendly Community Toolkit for Queensland and delivered a series of forums about age-friendliness

We kicked off the AgeTech Australia group on LinkedIn

We created an app for older people and their care circles (about to be re-launched)

We shared the stories of everyday older people in Australia who are getting on with their lives and ageing well!

As a result of our work with older people, we also found ourselves working on a range of other projects using our human-centred approach to design to create technology that fits including developing mobile apps for chronic health conditions, creating VR for training in Diversity and Inclusion and creating digital strategies for non-government health organisations.

But there’s a clue in our name about the way we approach life and work. The word ‘revolution’ actively implies change and we’re evolving and revolving and embracing change. For some time, we’ve been managing these two streams of work under the one Ageing Revolution roof but it’s time to let these two paths diverge.

We are starting a new company – People Tech Revolution – where we will create great technology solutions with people at their heart. People Tech Revolution will be our go-to consulting business for anything tech-related that requires a human touch (that’s pretty much most tech, for the record).

The Ageing Revolution will once more narrow its spotlight to concentrate on ageism and all things growing older. Our key focus will be, as ever, raising awareness of ageism in our world and advocacy for the inclusion of older people in ALL conversations about growing older. And by ageism, we mean biased attitudes towards older people, old age, and ageing; discrimination against older people; and systemic practices and policies that perpetuate stereotypes about older people.

We hope this separation will make it easier for everyone following our work and our progress and of course, for partnerships in both the ageing and the technology spaces.

People Tech Revolution doesn’t have a website yet but we have got a logo!

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