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The Ageing Revolution began as a force to address ageism. 

But our focus quickly expanded to related issues including caregiving, technology, gender, disability, health and wellbeing, aged care, transport, fashion, travel property, finance, media – anything where older people are involved. And let’s face it, that’s basically everything!

It wasn’t long before we also began to develop and design our own products, with our specialty being to partner with others and bring a human-centred approach. We continue to advocate for an age-friendly world, age-justice and communities for all ages in everything we do.

Vivid Ideas 2017
Are the Creative Industries Ageist?
Talking to ABC about ageism
Mt Tamborine Storytelling Workshop
What is it like to age in Australia?

Our achievements

We have delivered a range of innovative projects across Australia

  • 2016
    Listening And Discovery
    16,000km roadtrip
    We kicked off our company by travelling throughout Queensland, NSW, Victoria, and South Australia to hear how people feel about ageing - the results were astonishing and inform our work constantly.
  • 2017
    Speaking Presentations
    Vivid Ideas, Woodford Folk Festival and Rising Minds
    We've presented our work far and wide to diverse audiences, inspiring others to take up the challenge to fight ageism.
  • 2018-19
    Age-Friendly Resources
    Development and Workshops
    Developed content for the Age-Friendly Toolkit and delivered 'how-to' workshops across Queensland

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