Leon’s Gift – crowdfunding for creative older people

When musician Luke Escombe stopped to pick up a hitchhiker just outside Bridgetown, WA in November 2016, he could never have dreamed that it would be the start of a life-changing friendship. The stranger who climbed into his car was wearing motorcycle leathers and sporting a wispy, tobacco-stained beard. He introduced himself as Leon. They

Longevity and ageism

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Recently, campaigns on ageism have been more prevalent. #EveryAgeCounts from the Benevolent Society encourages us to pledge to stand for world without ageism (have you pledged?). As our population ages, so too awareness increases of how ageism can affect our lives, as older people and as older people in training. The Ageing Revolution recently guest

Co-designing health services with older people

We recently undertook a codesign workshop with the Health Alliance in Brisbane North. Close to 100 health professionals, allied health workers, community workers, older people and carers came together to focus on actions to improve the lives of older people. The energy on the day was fantastics, with participants powering through 4 hours of activities

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